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Hello to all! My name is Natalie Caddell and I am so excited to be beginning this journey with you here on Cuddlebugs. You may remember me as a TummyTime blogger. I thoroughly enjoyed writing about my pregnancy and the first four months of my daughter Kayleigh’s life. Now that she’s a little older, I look forward to sharing my experiences as a mom of two children, Wesley 5 years, and Kayleigh 7 months. To catch up on my story, click here. I have lived in eastern North Carolina my entire life. My husband, Lawrence and I began dating in 2003 and were married in December 2005. In April 2007, we decided we wanted to try and start a family. Within a few months we were pregnant and on March 19, 2008 we had our son Wesley Lawrence Caddell. I am an elementary teacher that has taught for seven years at a magnet school. In those seven years, I have taught third grade for 3 years, fifth grade for 3 years, and Kindergarten for 1 year. In September 2010, we decided that we would like to start trying for a brother or sister for Wesley. Little did we know, how long it was going to take us! After all, it had only taken us a couple of months before. After going to the doctor and following specific schedules nothing seemed to work! We scheduled an appointment with a local fertility specialist in April 2012. We were supposed to start running tests soon thereafter. However, my period was already a few days late. We decided we would wait to start any tests until after I started. On April 29th, I finally decided to take a test. I took the test and walked out of the room. I returned in 3 minutes and I about fell in the floor after seeing the results! I was finally pregnant!!! My daughter’s birth on December 28, 2012 made our family complete. The past 7 months have definitely been memorable, exciting, and somewhat challenging! I can’t wait to share more of our experiences with you!


Adjusting after PCS (Permanent Change of duty Station)

Adjusting to a new duty station has been an interesting experience for me. For the first couple of months I’ve been here in Okinawa I’ve been focusing on my family and getting us settled. Finding a house to live in, unpacking and setting up rooms, figuring out how to get to the commissary and the doctor’s office took precedence. More personal needs like finding friends took a back burner.

Well now I’m settled in a nice home. I’ve given birth to my baby boy and I feel like I’m getting the hang of handling two kids at once. I’m ready to have friends and feel even more settled in the community. …


Bubba’s Belly Run

The back of our Stroller Warriors shirts

As most of you know, I’m a part of a running group here in Jacksonville called Stroller Warriors. Stephanie Geraghty, the creator of Stroller Warriors has always dreamed of us being more than just a free running club. She has always wanted to help support a charity and raise money for a good cause. She has found a cause for 2010 that hits close to home for many of us Military women.

Nicki Bunting welcomed her husband, Captain Brian “Bubba” Bunting home for their two week R&R (Rest and Relaxation) after 6 months of deployment and then had to watch …


Stroller Warriors

Nora is ready for a run! No, she's not trying to get out. She waving "Hi!"

Nora is ready for a run! No, she's not trying to get out. She's waving "Hi!"

When I lived in DC I always wanted to be a part of a running group. I had heard from friends that running groups were the way to go. You make friends, and improve your running and health all at the same time.

I thought after having Nora that I would never be able to achieve my goal of being in a running group. I had never seen a running group –all pushing baby strollers. When Stephanie …


Health News

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Here’s how you can help manage mealtimes so your toddler gets the nutrition he or she needs.  

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