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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I am a stay at home mom to two girls, Paislee, 3 and Keely, 1. My husband is in the Coast Guard, and is currently stationed at a Coast Guard unit on Camp Lejune. We have been married for five years now and have spent two of those years in Alaska, where Paislee was born, and two in Maine, where we had Keely. We were lucky to get stationed here in 2012, and call North Carolina "home". We were both born and raised in different cities in eastern North Carolina, and we are super excited to get to spend some time here with our girls and introduce them to some of our favorite places that we had as children. Before I met my husband, I attended East Carolina University, where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Communications. I have a love for writing, and a huge passion for being a mom, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write about my experiences and exciting moments of this rocky ride that we all call 'Motherhood'.


A Thumb Sucker and MRSA

My children have been pretty healthy this summer.  So, it only makes sense that the day before we were to leave on our week long vacation to leave the kids with their grandparents that they would both need medical attention.  I took Kayleigh to the doctor the night before we left and they determined that she had a MRSA staph infection on the thumb that she sucks.  It all started as three little white blisters on her thumb and they decided to puncture one of the blisters to test it and be sure.  They prescribed antibiotics and gave strict instructions.  They told us that she could not suck that thumb with …


The Week of Meltdowns

It was a tough week with my little ones. Experts always suggest getting errands down in between nap time or first thing in the morning. I think I did everything “right” but to a young child sometimes it don’t matter. Tantrums are to be expected, but not rewarded. I did break my rule of only two stops with errands. It was a great reminder of why I have that rule in the first place as I struggled with my 3 year-old in the dollar store on Monday. The hardest choice for her was picking which toy she wanted. I wish that was the hardest thing I had to do, but …


Self Potty Training?

After having potty trained one child, I had decided that I wasn’t in a huge hurry to potty train another. Sure, it’s awesome not having to buy diapers, but having to take a newly trained, tiny bladder toddler to the bathroom every five minutes is worse than changing diapers! 

Of course Keely has other plans. She started showing signs of being ready to potty train about a month ago. She started constantly telling me that she had to use the bathroom, but when I checked her she had already gone in her diaper. So I knew that she was at least acknowledging that she knew what it was. She also really enjoyed …


A Wonderful Adults Only Vacation

My husband and I just got back from our week-long cruise and it was a wonderful vacation.  We were confused with the crazy number of honeymooners, which didn’t bother us a bit.  We had so much time on our hands and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves.  It is easy to forget how much things change.  We were able to eat our dinner and have conversation without interruptions.  We acted like big kids going down the waterslide, playing Bingo, or savoring an adult beverage or two.  We didn’t have to worry with early bedtimes or meltdowns during the wonderful shows.We first drove down to Georgia and stayed …


Planning Nap time

When you have more than one child planning nap time so they sleep at the same time is so important. Someone is always eating or sleeping when you have multiple children, but timing everything together can cut down on some of the work. It is one of the trickiest things to get your children on the same schedule and there are so many other factors that can effect nap time.
Here are some helpful tips to help you get them on track so you can have an hour or two of productive time:
1- Adjust their bedtime so they get the sleep they need …


Bag O’ Tricks

In less than two weeks we leave for our big family vacation so I have already started preparing. I have become a little OCD since becoming a mom, and packing for this vacation is a big deal. I want everything to go as smoothly as possible, and the drive down to Ft. Lauderdale is just the beginning so I want it to be as fun as a 12-14 hour trip with two little ones can be :) . I’ve said it many times and I’m going to say it again–Thank God for Pinterest.

I found a few ideas floating around on Pinterest for long road trips with kids and have been putting together …


My Heart Skipped a Beat

My daughter has recently shaved some years off of my life.  You know what I am talking about—when your child does something that nearly causes you to have a heart attack or your heart to skip a beat!  Kayleigh loves jumping into the pool from the side.  She has no fear.  Of course, I am always there to catch her.  We had a play date with a friend from church and her two kids.  My son and her oldest daughter are only a few months apart and our youngest kiddos are also only months apart.  Kayleigh had been jumping off to my arms over and over.  This time—she …


Shower Struggles

I’m sure that MOST every single mom out there can relate to this post. When you are home alone with your baby(s), and it’s time for you to take a shower, what in the world do you do with your child?

I struggled with this from the very beginning. When I had a newborn, my husband was away for weeks at a time, so it wasn’t an option for me to shower while he wasn’t home. I had to figure out what to do with this little baby who was constantly needing something (or so I thought at the time, I didn’t know what was ahead of me) while I took a …


Trouble Times Two!

“You have got to be kidding me, right?” Everyone has had a day where they felt like this.  That is exactly how yesterday went—ALL DAY LONG.  My husband’s truck (which had been in the shop for nearly two weeks) began to give the same messages and signals that it had right before he took it to get repaired.  So after only having it back for four days, we took it back to the shop.  We had just paid the deductible for the extended warranty and everything, but they tried to tell us that we were going to pay twice as much as we had just paid.  Nope—not happening!We were back …


Out of Order

Since I’ve been a Mom, I’ve never really unexpectedly gotten sick or hurt while alone with the kids. I always worry that something could happen to me while I’m alone with the kids, and wonder what would happen or what they would do to get help. I found out this week. Well, it wasn’t a REAL emergency, but close enough. 

Wednesday morning, I was drinking my coffee and the kids were having breakfast. My back had been hurting me a little, but was ALMOST better. I felt a sneeze coming on, so I turned to sit my coffee down on the side table so I wouldn’t spill it when I sneezed. Right …


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Scary Season

Since having children I have always dreaded this season. The season of sickness. One of all moms biggest fears….

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