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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I am a stay at home mom to two girls, Paislee, 3 and Keely, 1. My husband is in the Coast Guard, and is currently stationed at a Coast Guard unit on Camp Lejune. We have been married for five years now and have spent two of those years in Alaska, where Paislee was born, and two in Maine, where we had Keely. We were lucky to get stationed here in 2012, and call North Carolina "home". We were both born and raised in different cities in eastern North Carolina, and we are super excited to get to spend some time here with our girls and introduce them to some of our favorite places that we had as children. Before I met my husband, I attended East Carolina University, where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Communications. I have a love for writing, and a huge passion for being a mom, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write about my experiences and exciting moments of this rocky ride that we all call 'Motherhood'.


Sleeping Toddler

What a good little sleeper, I have (knock on wood). My little cuddlebug has been sleeping well since her first birthday.  We’re talking 11-12 hours straight, baby!  A recent molar broke the pattern just a bit, but she fell back into her routine quickly. 

She has been pretty good at putting herself to sleep at bedtime since about 6 months old. When I finally got her into her crib, she managed to do pretty well. Granted, I did spend the months of January, February and March (age 7-9 mos.) in a sleepless fog (she would go down like a champ and wake all throughout the night, like every 2 hours). Ultimately, I needed to sleep train her again, which I was trying to avoid. It was unavoidable.

Anyway, for the past few weeks, she has been a happy little sleeper, as usual, and goes down quite easily. However, there is this super weird thing she has been doing that I have been trying to figure out. We have a big routine in the evening after dinner. We follow it religiously, and it helps us when we are away from home. It consists of changing her out of her clothes in her bedroom and talking about bath-time, then I actually bathe her, followed by talking up “sleepy-by” or “going to bed”, I put her in her pajamas and have her choose two books to read before bedtime. Once those books are read, I tell her that it is Bedtime, I love her, and Goodnight. I lay her down, hand her Brown Bear, cover her up with a blanket and leave the room. It is a seamless operation until I am literally 4 steps away from the door. A few moments after leaving her she will let out this grunting cry of frustration and then I hear nothing more. This happens every single night and at just about every nap!!

At least she’s consistent, but I can’t help but wonder what it’s all about.

Does your child have any sleepy-time quirks?

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