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STILL In Size 3 Diapers

As we got near the end of the latest humongous Sam’s Club box o’ diapers, I had a crazy notion that maybe Isaac was big enough for the next size up.

Maybe it’s just me, but the weight guidelines are kind of confusing!  Size 3 says 16-28 lbs and size 4 says 22-37 lbs, hmm…

Going by those numbers, I thought that Isaac, being a whopping 25 lbs still at age 22 months, might possibly be ready for size 4 diapers for several reasons.

Stayin' in size 3's, haha!

One, he has been waking up almost every morning now with a soaking wet diaper = not cool for my son because I’m sure that’s not comfy and not cool for me because it an extra set of jammies and and a sheet (and the occasional pee-spotted blanket!) adds to my already impressive laundry load.

Two, Isaac also has been getting those red lines around his legs that I notice when I change him, also probably not comfortable. I make sure to stretch out the leg holes when I put on a new diaper, but still, there there are next time I change him.  Chafing is no fun for any age!

And lastly, according to, the the average age using size 3 diapers is 11.5 months. Did I mention Isaac is almost 22 months now?  Uh oh…let’s move on…the average age using size 4 diapers is 19 months and for size 5 diapers it’s 24 months.

It’s hard to believe that Isaac is still so small compared to other little boys his age, but I guess that’s because I don’t see his same age peers on a regular basis for comparison.

Almost a year in this

Well, I did end up buying a package of size 4′s, just to know for sure.  Ha, they came up almost to his armpits and even when I folded the top down, the leg holes still were so loose that they held nothing in.

That being said, it seems we are sticking with our tiny size 3′s for a while longer!  I guess I will be purchasing some overnight diapers for now…in a size 3.

How does your child compare to the size guidelines?  Maybe the data is skewed (:

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2 Comments on “STILL In Size 3 Diapers”

  • Brynn Reese May 26th, 2011 3:40 pm

    This is probably not going to come as any surprise, but Joshua is way off the size guidelines. He’s been in size 4 diapers since he was about seven or eight months old. If it makes you feel better, Emily is also in size 4 diapers, and she’ll be three in September. I also have a friend whose kids never did wear size 4 – they potty trained before they got that big. Think on the bright side – smaller size = more diapers for the same price!

  • Sarah Moore May 27th, 2011 1:40 pm

    Hi Brynn,
    Glad to know that there are other kids that don’t fit the guidelines, and that’s pretty funny that you have a bigger boy and a smaller girl (: Maybe my next one will be a hefty since Isaac is so teeny! Good point about getting more diapers for the same price, I didn’t even realize that, haha.

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