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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I am a stay at home mom to two girls, Paislee, 3 and Keely, 1. My husband is in the Coast Guard, and is currently stationed at a Coast Guard unit on Camp Lejune. We have been married for five years now and have spent two of those years in Alaska, where Paislee was born, and two in Maine, where we had Keely. We were lucky to get stationed here in 2012, and call North Carolina "home". We were both born and raised in different cities in eastern North Carolina, and we are super excited to get to spend some time here with our girls and introduce them to some of our favorite places that we had as children. Before I met my husband, I attended East Carolina University, where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Communications. I have a love for writing, and a huge passion for being a mom, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write about my experiences and exciting moments of this rocky ride that we all call 'Motherhood'.


My Child Prefers Purina

If you have been following my blogs, you know that Sayle is a big boy. He ranks in the 99th percentile for his weight and 97th percentile for his height; obviously, not missing meals. Even though I’m not Betty Crocker, I do actually cook, we keep plenty of nutritious snacks in the house, and Sayle is given the opportunity to indulge in not so nutritious snacks sometimes. Regardless, I’m hardly a food nazi, which is why I struggle to understand why Sayle will steal food from the dog bowl every chance he gets.

Yes, the dogs’ bowls are on the floor, so they are easily accessible…but not really.  We have Miniature Pinschers and I feed them in separate rooms.  Our male dog finishes quickly, so Sayle basically has a nano-second to get a handful of his food and stash it in his mouth before it’s devoured.  He’s been successful at this. Our female dog likes to take her time and enjoy every bite, sometimes sitting next to her food and simply guarding/admiring it-her bowl is Sayle’s favorite.

The first time I caught Sayle eating dog food; I was both mortified and grossed out.  He was sitting on the floor next to the dog, just munching away, sharing in the savory Purina goodness. I quickly whisked him into the kitchen, frantically popping bits out of his mouth, wiping his tongue with my hand, and finally flushing his mouth out.  He was understandably unhappy with me and clearly felt I was overreacting.  If dog food was tasty enough for his big sister, it was good enough for him.  he steals his food, why can’t he steal hers?

Because it’s gross, that’s why. Even though we wash the bowls weekly, the amount of dog mouth bacteria in those bowls is more than I can fathom, not to mention that Purina One Smart Blend isn’t my idea of a nutritious dinner.  Naturally, the more I discouraged munching on kibble and removed Sayle from the dog food, the more he wanted it.  We started playing fun games during doggie-dinner-time, to at least give the dogs a sporting chance at finishing their meal before being accosted.

I’m sure some of you are thinking; “Well Brooke, why didn’t you just feed the dogs outside?”  Let me tell you, our dogs are spoiled little brats. Our male dog will eat outside, he’s not the problem. Our female is a Prima donna and will not eat outside, she will whine and scratch at the door rather than eating.

Knowing that we were fighting a losing battle as the dogs eat daily and opportunity will always be there, I consulted my friend Candice..I mean, Dr. Furher, who is a vet. I informed her that Sayle enjoys Purina One and asked her if I should continue freaking out if Sayle got his hands on a few kibbles.  The answer, thankfully, is NO!  According to Dr. Furher, dog food ingredients are much like the ingredients in our food, just more condensed and processed (YUCK regardless).  Obviously, dog kibble is a choking hazard, but Sayle thoroughly enjoyed chomping like the dogs, so he had his dog food good and chewed, but if you have younger children, be aware of that.  She also encourages all parents to make sure you wash your dog’s bowl weekly as they contain a lot of bacteria, and to ensure you give your dogs a good heart worm medication because it is also a gastrointestinal parasite de-wormer.

I also contacted Purina; the lady who answered said she heard the “my child eats dog food story” often.  She agreed with Dr. Fuhrer, there is nothing that could harm your child in the dog food or, even in-get this-cat litter (besides the obvious of what cats do in cat litter). GROSS!!  She suggested to keep your child very hydrated after they eat dog food, so be sure to give your child some Juicy Juice to wash that Purina down!

I do feel a sense of comfort in the fact that if he does get his little hands on some kibble, he won’t be harmed.  I will keep a close eye on him to ensure he doesn’t start barking!

Has your child eaten dog food, cat food, or cat LITTER (yikes)?

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3 Comments on “My Child Prefers Purina”

  • Sarah Moore Sarah Moore June 3rd, 2011 8:15 pm

    Hi Brooke,
    Good to know that dog food won’t kill anyone, as Isaac has definitely sampled it from time to time. Cat litter I was not aware of; kind of scary but good to know!
    By the way, I totally brushed out Sayle’s perm the other day when I stopped by the daycare, haha, it’s ok, he was cool with it and then we played hide n seek (:

  • Dusti Coacher June 3rd, 2011 9:04 pm

    Sayle is definitely not alone in his snacking habits! My dog relocates her food all over the house when she is eating, so keeping it out of Braylin’s mouth has become very challenging. I started feeding the dog in the garage this week and it seems to be going well so far!

    P.S. I love it that you called Purina!

  • Brooke Brooke October 9th, 2011 12:06 am

    I absolutely called Purina!! HA! I needed to hear it for myself there was NOTHING that was going to hurt my ever curious child! The lady was amused by my question, patient, and plesant to talk to. Purina gets four stars for customer service from me! The cat litter thing is disturbing to me, understandable as it’s easily accessible, yet the thought of the scratching and the blah that’s IN cat litter—-hm. If Sayle ate that, I’m sure I would over react.

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