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My name is Molly DeWitt and I’m a 30-something first-time mom navigating the joys and pitfalls of parenthood, working full-time, and living life as a military spouse. A California girl at heart, I will always call the golden state my home but I have learned to appreciate the “finer” things about life in the south including sweet tea, the courtesies of “Sir” and “Ma’am” and rainy summer nights.I met my husband, a Marine, while living in California. Ten years later here we are in North Carolina, by way of Virginia.I graduated from UNCW with my BA professional writing in 2008 and put that to good use for several years as a reporter for The Daily News here in Jacksonville. Following my departure from the newspaper I began work as an Early Head Start Home Visitor with the Onslow County Partnership for Children. I love what I do and am gratified daily as I work to help local families achieve their goals and raise healthy, happy children who are ready to succeed in life. In June 2011 my husband and I welcomed our first child, Emmett. He keeps us on our toes and provides us endless laughter and joy. Welcome to my world; I look forward to stretching my writing muscles and sharing the highs, lows, and all things ridiculous that happen in between.


Failure as a Stay at Home Mom

Me and Nora on one of our trips.

Okay, so maybe I’m being a little harsh on myself by saying I’m failing at being a stay at home Mom, but my baby brain sure has been affecting my ability to remember things!

Let me back up and tell you that Garrett isn’t too fond of packing. He also says he trusts me enough to pick out things that make him look good SO pretty much ever since we got married the packing has been in my hands. Usually I make a list of things to pack that are particular to the exact trip we are going on. I will lay everything out on the bed and then pack it up.

Of course after Nora came along I became responsible for packing for her, too. These days I always have to pack four bags: one for clothes, one for Nora’s non-clothes related things, one for shoes and one for food.

Well lately my baby brain has taken over and I’ve either made a list and then couldn’t find it or I didn’t make a list at all because I left the packing for the last minute or I made a list and didn’t write things down because I didn’t think of them. We’ve been travelling a lot and it seems like every trip I’ve forgotten something major! One trip I forgot Garrett’s underwear –yikes! He seriously only had the pair he wore into the car. Another trip I forgot socks for Garrett. I’ve also forgotten Nora’s baby violet, daddy doll and the blankets she sleeps with!

Forgetting Garrett’s underwear was the last straw for me so I stole an idea from my friend Sara and made one master list which I have laminated and will use to pack from this day forward.

Do you pack for you family? Do you ever forget to pack anything?

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2 Comments on “Failure as a Stay at Home Mom”

  • Toni March 6th, 2011 12:06 pm

    You are not a failure! However…that was funny! Just makes lists, I been making them forever thing, even house hold chores that I could just remember before, now I go back to the list to what else. The small note pad that has a magnate on the back that sticks to your fridge is my best friend. You can get one of these at Michael’s in the dollar bin!

  • Kelly Mulder Kelly Mulder March 7th, 2011 3:00 pm

    Toni, you’re totally right! I need to make more lists. I’m going to steal your sticky note idea :) thanks for the tip!


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