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Hi everyone! My name is Ashley, and I am a stay at home mom to two girls, Paislee, 3 and Keely, 1. My husband is in the Coast Guard, and is currently stationed at a Coast Guard unit on Camp Lejune. We have been married for five years now and have spent two of those years in Alaska, where Paislee was born, and two in Maine, where we had Keely. We were lucky to get stationed here in 2012, and call North Carolina "home". We were both born and raised in different cities in eastern North Carolina, and we are super excited to get to spend some time here with our girls and introduce them to some of our favorite places that we had as children. Before I met my husband, I attended East Carolina University, where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Communications. I have a love for writing, and a huge passion for being a mom, so I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write about my experiences and exciting moments of this rocky ride that we all call 'Motherhood'.


Sesame Street, Then And Now

While in MN, Isaac and I were treated to many new and wonderful things, such as baby James Patrick, SNOW, and some vintage Sesame Street.

Since we’ve already talked about the pork chop last week (that would be James) and we shall discuss snow later, today is a good time for some old school Sesame Street from waaaay back in the day.

Rubber duckie, you're the one!

I don’t even mean back when my almost 31 year old self was a kid, I mean even further back, woah!  I’m talking late 60′s, early 70′s, folks.

The dvd’s we watched all weekend were actually titled Sesame Street: Old School Volumes 1 and 2.  The first one was from 1969-1974, and the second was 1974-1979.

See what I mean?  Really old (:

On the first one we saw the original “C is for cookie” with Cookie Monster, “I love trash” with Oscar, and “Rubber duckie” with Ernie, etc.

FYI:  Oscar was originally purple, then orange, and finally green, apparently due to toxic fumes from his vacation at Swamp Mushy Mushy.

Also guest appearances from celebs including Bill Cosby, Carol Burnett, Jackie Robinson, James Earl Jones, Lena Horne, and Johnny Cash.  They counted or sang or did something silly, and it amazed me how young they all looked.  My favorite of course was “The Man In Black,” see video:

On the second DVD we watched “Whats the name of that song” and “Telephone rock,  etc. and also got to see Burt “Doin’ the pigeon,” which was his groovy bird song and dance.

The celebs on the this volume included Henry Winkler (The Fonz), Paul Simon, Lily Tomlin, Richard Pryor and Ray Charles, who played some jazz with Burt and Ernie.

After watching these ancient episodes, I am now a fan of old school Sesame Street versus the Sesame Street of today.  Isaac missed his buddy Elmo, but he definitely got a kick out of the older episodes.  There is no way Elmo could have done the John Travolta impression that Grover pulled off during the disco craze, not a chance!

If you get the chance, find some clips on the computer or even get the actual movies and sit back and enjoy shows you might remember from your own childhood with your kids!

Can you remember any old characters of songs from Sesame Street, like Guy Smiley or Kermit the frog as a reporter?

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4 Comments on “Sesame Street, Then And Now”

  • Emily December 14th, 2010 9:59 am

    What about Katy Perry? haha

  • Sue December 14th, 2010 12:08 pm

    Chris and I still “do the pigeon” around the house, it’s a catchy song!
    Miss my NC friends…give Isaac Elmo kisses from MN!
    Oh, by the way, we were dumped on by a blizzard over the weekend – 19 inches of snow! My back is aching from all the shoveling and plowing – the banks are literally up to my nose! Sorry you missed out on that one…you definately would of had to stay in MN longer…darn, huh :)

  • Sarah Moore December 14th, 2010 8:27 pm

    Emily, no thank you, I am not a fan, as you know, ug!

    Sue, I can picture you 3 “doin the coo, coo pigeon, that is awesome! No Elmo kisses though, you know it’s all about cookie monster, grover, or even oscar, just not elmo (: Sorry I missed the blizzard, although I would have loved to have been snowed in there longer, love ya!

  • Micah R.D. Garcia May 15th, 2011 3:56 am

    [...] [...]

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